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Long Island Hospitality Association Backbone to Industry

The Long Island Hospitality Association unites hotel executives, hospitality professionals, career minded college students and industry partners to share best practices, business building solutions and networking opportunities to help all hospitality related companies find success during the covid-19 crisis and beyond.

The LIHA is also dedicated to giving back to the community through, education, donations and scholarships to help students and those in the hospitality industry find financial footing as the hospitality industry suffers its greatest challenge.

Additionally, we partner with with local, state and federal politicians to create a healthier environment for hospitality businesses to thrive, while creating jobs and giving back to our community.

Hospitality Industry Networking

Access to decision makers is essential for creating opportunity and career advancement. Networking through LIHA provides real opportunity to meet, connect and get to know the most influential hospitality owners, operators, and executives in a relaxed environment. Our members are dedicated to helping next generation and freshly minted professionals find success.

Help Long Island Hospitality Association Build a Better Industry